[ILUG-BOM] network problem

Pradnyesh Sawant pradnyesh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Mar 5 02:05:44 IST 2003

 i hope u all have seen my previous mail, regarding the 
detection of 
the ethernet card while installing knoppix. sorry, i cudn't 
all the details at that time, was in a hurry. 
so here's the backgnd:  
i installed knoppix on my project comp in the comp lab of my 
college. the installation being in german, i cudn't configure 
ethernet card. later, after the installation was complete, i 
"kudzu", it detected the ethernet card (the o/p of kudzu -p has 
given in the previous mail) & said it has configured it. 
i use rhl 7.3 at my home, & have never used a debian distro. so 
got no idea as 2 what cmds r 2 b used 2 configure the static ip 
& the gateway addrs. (in rhl, a simple "setup" cmd, ran as the 
works the magic). also plz let me know if ne other thing needs 
2 b 
done 2 configure the ethernet card. 
also i don't know how 2 change the screen res frm 800x600 to 
ne help wud b greately appreciated. 

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