[ILUG-BOM] knoppix cds reqd

Amish Munshi amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Mar 5 10:43:39 IST 2003

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On Wednesday 05 March 2003 01:56, Pradnyesh Sawant used the keyboard to enter 
the following:
>  hello luggers,
> cds on 9th frm some place (say ne1's home (i stay at nerul,
> navi
> mumbai, so some1 staying close cud do the trick)) or even IITb.
> ps: i wud also like 2 buy 2 cds 4 myself at Rs. 20/- each
> (luggers r
> entitled 2 a discount, i guess ;-))). that makes it 12 cds &
> rs. 540/-, which i'll pay when i get the cds

	Please can you post to the mailing lists in English and not scrap language 
you use to chat, it is very difficult to read what you write ("2 buy 2" and 
"4 myself" - for example). 
	Get in touch with my friend Yash Acharya (26104146) today, he visits Nerul 
everyday and may be able to deliver the CD's to you.

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