[ILUG-BOM] knoppix Install Script.

Parag Shah pshah@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Mar 6 16:03:38 IST 2003

  Hi Erle,
Could you please mail me the script.


Erle Pereira wrote:

>Been off the list for some time.... so i have missed quite a few mails/ 
>threads.. so 'excuse please ' if this is a repeat of sorts
>Caught a bit of a thread regarding the knoppix boot cd ...
>I have trimmed the Knoppix Install script ( knx-hdinstall ) to allow me to 
>install knoppix on a Harddisk with the filesystem of my choice . 
>( Ya I know... why do you want to install,..... well why not ? )
>The existing one was in german  and currently defaults to ext2.
>(I have used the Cd from the Linux for you issue #1 )
>I have stripped the dialog boxes out, so that one can first format the 
>partition manually with the required filesystem. then change a few variables 
>at the start of the script, and run. 
>Still needs a bit of work, but i have used it twice already without much 
>If anyone wants it please contact me. 
>Its under 4kb so maybe i could mail it to the list ?
>( standard disclaimers apply :-)<

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