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Thu Mar 6 17:13:34 IST 2003

Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 13:06:00 +0530
From: "Royce & Sharal Pereira" <bethell at eth.net>
To: <linuxers at mm.ilug-bom.org.in>
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which linux users group is this?? 

On Thursday 06 March 2003 13:06, Royce & Sharal Pereira wrote:
> *******************************************************************
>*** * LUG meet - 4:00 pm 9th March, 2003 @ Ruparel College, Matunga
> (W). *
> *******************************************************************
>***Hi all, I'm a brand new member of this list...I "overheard" your

Hearty welcome from the old, 2nd hand, and unbranded members. Actually most 
of us are 2nd hand, some are even 3rd or 4th handed, having migrated from 
several unmentionable oses. EMACS users on the other hand are 2expN handed. 

> discussion re. a seminar on the 9th...can I get some
> details(venue/program etc) & eligibility criteria?

venue and  date is clearly mentioned, etc is not since it is undefined at 
the moment.
Eligibility: Penguinistas preferred but homo sapiens, lesser mortals, brand 
new members, Solar worshippers etc. are also welcome. 

Note: Microsofties have to undergo an initiation & haedening ceremony 
consistitng of listening and watching RMS on video at VJTI followed by 
written, V V test and physical combat. Exemption from this ceremony requires 
you to forgo the use of the aforementioned products. 

Dress code was detailed in an earlier mail by Kishor Bhagwat search the list 
archives or request Kishor for a copy. 

jtdsouza at softhome.net

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