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Go to the page
It is the mail login page of the LUG. It is also pasted at the bottom of
every page.
There are 2 links, one giving the current archives and another for the older

In case you are in a hurry, the link to the archives is

It also allows you to download the full archieve (which the site says is

The archieve is weekly and sorted by subject, thread, author and data.

Which makes me ask the next question.......if I need to check on a
particular subject, but dont know which week, do I have to manually go
through each week ? Or use google to do the search since it does gives
results from the LUG archieve.

BTW, has anyone actually searched the archieve for a subject ? I am asking
for real life examples from the group.


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> * LUG meet - 4:00 pm 9th March, 2003 @ Ruparel College, Matunga (W). *
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> Hi,
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> > Teach the poor guy to access the archieves so that he can get the
> > of the previous mails on the subject. (I cant since I forgot how to do
> > :-) )
> Good Idea! Can someone tell me how to access the archives?
> Thanks!
> --Royce.
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