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THIS ALL AND more is included in the March 2003 issue of DeveloperIQ 
magazine, published from India (www.developeriq.com). Check the issue for

		THEN THERE ARE [GNU]Linux fanatics. I admire Linux
		pros a lot, and I know that using the OS needs
	 	more than mere mouse management. But what puts me
		off is an attitude, which many have for Windows
		users, developers and the rest of the community.
		I know many who have thrown away (actually they
		formatted the hard disk and loaded a new distro)
		Windows boxes and switched to [GNU]Linux and
		continued being happy. Great! But you just cannot
		stamp all Windows users and developers as
		mentally retarded. -Editorial, S. Ramdas
		Contact: ramdas at developeriq.com

	o DEBIAN 3.0 -- the first of five CDs. (Readers can avail of 
   	  the other four at Rs 149, incl courier. But the CDs will
	  be shipped with DeveloperIQ over the next year too.)
	o READER'S QUERY on why the installation program could
	  not write to the MBR...
	o JAVA IN the enterprise: "Java's heritage is more aligned
	  with the Open Source movement and community process.
 	  In fact, many would argue that free software forms an
	  important part of the dynamic Java..." 4-pg.article
	o STATE OF WEB services: One of the biggest myths, which 
	  many developers especially coming from the Microsoft
	  camp have, is that Web Services means .Net. This is
	  not true... Where Sun and Microsoft score is they
  	  have ready-made roadmaps and product offerings....
	  Soon all the products from MS, including MS Office,
	  will be .Net enabled, locking the customers to a 
	  .Net environment as far as possible... The Open Source
	  world still does not have a combined solution... But
	  there are lots happening, read the next article.
	o OPEN ROLE in Web services. Open Source (Free Software?)
  	  is fast catching up with their Web services portfolio.
	  Axis from Apache, jBpm, OBE, Powerfolder, TestMaker,
	  Rotor ("this is not exactly Open Source and is more
 	  Shared Source"), NetAything, The Go Mon Project,
	o DotGNU; The GNU version of the .Net initaitive.
	  GNU branding is big, but the project somehow is
	  lagging behind Mono. DotGNU is being developed
	  jointly under the auspices of FreeDevelopers and the
	  GNU project. The DotGNU system will be a well-
	  integrated part of the GNU system and it will also be
	  available to the users of all other wisely used OSs.
	  It sounds very ambitious since the final goal is to 
	  create an operating system for the Internet. Currently
	  a primitive beta version of the framework is available.
	  See http://www.dotgnu.org
	o APACHE AXIS, the leading FLOSS tool kit for 
	  implementing Web services, gets two pages.
	o MASTER EMBEDDED Linux/Linux drivers from experts.
	  Projects on porting, writing BSP for embedded 
	  GNU/Linux, network, wireless LAN, SCSI, fibre channel,
	  USB device driver. Fees Rs 12,500-30,000. Four
	  to six months course. Grace Systems, Bangalore
	  contact at gracelabs.com http://www.gracelabs.com (ad)
	o LINUXMAGINDIA on a CD. 18CDs in a year, customised
	  for you, at Rs 1499.
	o KDE Programming Part 2. The KDE project had the
	  goal of simplifying the use of GNU/Linux, very much
	  like the Windows OS. This looks at how one can
	  program using KDE in a typical GUI environment.
	o CREATING dynamic images, using PHP and GD.These
	  are images that are generated on-the-fly by the
	o PLAYING AROUND with Python buttons. "Windows
	  programmers may be warned that if you are comparing
	  Python GUI with Visual Basic, it's like ptiching
	  the Australian cricket team against the Bangladesh
	  team." There are several widgets, which the Tk
	  module supports. Mastering them is quite easy and 
	  infact learning Tkinter is as easy as learning
	  Visual Basic. 
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