[ILUG-BOM] Remastering Knoppix for a firewall... etc

Parag Shah pshah@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Mar 8 16:03:36 IST 2003

Last few days I have been thinking of remastering Knoppix for a firewall 
machine. The main aim is to:
1. Remove unnecasory packages to reduce the size of the CD
2. Recompile the Kernel to remove unnecasory drivers to reduce its RAM 
3. Configure Knoppix so that it reads a set of iptables rules from a 
write protected floppy.

This way I can boot the firewall machine from a CD, have ot read 
firewall rules from a write-protected floppy. Even if a cracker does 
manage to break into the system, they cannot change any of the binaries, 
and I can get back to a known state simply by rebooting.
I was trying to find out if such a distro exists (dont want to re-invent 
the wheel...), and I did find a few...
1. CDFW (CD Firewal), based on RH
2. SentryFirewall, has 2 lines, one based on Slackware, and the other 
based on RH
3. Gibralter (this is still pre-release), based on Debian

Another solution would be to use a floppy based distribution such as:
1. Coyote Linux (they have stopped further work on the floppy distro, 
and they only support ipchains)
2. floppyfw

Has anyone used these or similar distros for a firewall?
What are the implications of using a 'CD/floppy' based solution vs a 
'only floppy' based solution.



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