[ILUG-BOM] about praxis

Pradnyesh Sawant pradnyesh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Mar 11 05:45:48 IST 2003

 this is regarding the technical festival named "Praxis" to be 
held in 
Vivekanand engg. college on 16-17 march. in the last meet, i 
had said, 
that being a student of Vivekanand engg. coll. i will talk to 
Praxis managing committee about holding a small workshop on 
and/or having a small stall where we could sell Gnu/Linux 
related cds 
like Knoppix, etc. 
i inform you all with great displeasure, that the festival is 
scheduled with various events, and that we cannot be allowed to 
hold a 
but i also have a good news. in all probability, we might be 
to hold a workshop on behalf of the IEEE VESIT chapter in the 
following week. we might also be allowed to have a stall to 
sell cds, 
etc.  i will contact the necessary authorities, and let you all 
about the workshop as soon as possible. 
i personally think that educating students about Gnu/Linux is 
important and the media shouldn't matter much. so we should all 
see this as a good opportunity 

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