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Tue Mar 11 11:23:46 IST 2003


I got the PCQuest Linux Version 8 distro last week and installed it on my PC. It is based on the RedHat 8, but with some modification which they feel is better for Indian Users. I was impressed with the way it installs and works. I think new users may find it very useful.

For example, knowing that many users now use cable internet and that most of the cable operators use cyberoam software called 24onlineclient, they have provided the necessary software which can be used to connect to cable internet. Similarly, they have provided aMSN and Yahoo messanger. I found this very useful.

They have also provided a software called MONO, which is supposed to be the GNU\Linux version of Microsoft's Dot Net Framework. The PCQuest magazine for this month gives detailed explaination for each of the things they have provided and how to get it running. And basically in not techie language.

Basically, I got "out of the box" features.

Only problem is that after every 12-15 minutes, I get logged out of my cable network and need to log in again. I hope to get my cable operator solve for me today.

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