[ILUG-BOM] programming with qt

Manish Jethani manish.jethani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Mar 12 17:23:57 IST 2003

amish munshi wrote:

> I need help with programming with qt, I want to open a new
> window when I click a button. If any of you know any good
> (preferrably small) book/tutorial then please let me know


See the 14-step tutorial that comes with qt.  That's where you 
start learning.  You'll have to learn some qt fundas (moc, 
signal/slot model, etc).

> learn it (qt programming) from anyone as well. I know basic

I have some experience with qt 2.x.y and you can mail me off 
list if there's something very specific.

IMO it should be as simple as writing a slot for the clicked() 
signal of the button.  In that slot you open a new window.  I 
don't remember the exact class and method names.

> stuff and have read most of the documentation that comes with
> qt, but did not find a way to open a new window from an
> existing by clicking a button.

Then you haven't read most of the documentation.


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