[ILUG-BOM] accessing local files using ZOPE

Shashank Ashtikar shashank@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Mar 13 11:53:36 IST 2003

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 23:55, you wrote:
Hi sameer,

> Is it possible to access the local ( of the HDD ) files with
> zope so that we can modify them with the zope? How ?

Can you be more elaborate on what exactly you are trying to do. I work in 
HBCSE along with Dr. Nagarjuna. We use zope quite extensively so I am sure I 
will be able to give u some solution. 

Also check out www.zope.org they have no of mailing lists for discussions on 
zope you can join the one you are interested in. 

> P.S. How can I know about the tags used in zope.
> I know only HTML
> Any tags are welcome... :)

You can read zope help pages. Click on the Help link that is present on the 
Right Hand Side of the Zope Mgmt Interface 
then click on "Zope Help" Link. and go through the dtml references section.

I will list few tags here any way.

<dtml-var variable>  for displaying content of the variable.
<dtml-call script>  for calling a script(python/perl only)
<dtml- if   condition> ....... <dtml-else> ........ </dtml-if>   if else 
control sequence
<dtml-in expr/variable> ....... </dtml-in> for iteration
<dtml-comment> .....  </dtml-comment> for adding comment

These are the most common tags that are required for programming zope using 
dtml tags.



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