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Rishi Gangoly rishi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Mar 13 14:13:45 IST 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 1:17 pm, you wrote:
> Dear Luggers,
> i am downloading the mails from a mail server on a linux box using
> fetchmail. the linux box also runs sendmail. but the attachment doesn't get
> downloaded. plz look at the last line in logs which says
> fetchmail: message 1 was not the expected length (992 actual != 149192
> expected) is it a mime problem?

> fetchmail: message 1 was not the expected length (992 actual != 149192
> expected)
> Anil Mare

What version of fetchmail do you use? A better place to post the message 
would be the fetchmail list.

However, I'd suggest that you upgrade to the newer version of fetchmail. The 
reason being the guys on the fetchmail list will tell you to do so before 
they look into it. See note below for latest announcement on fetchmail 
release and website info.



Note!  The fetchmail website has MOVED!

The 6.2.2 release of fetchmail is now available at the usual locations,
including <URL:http://www.catb.org/~esr/fetchmail>.

The source archive is available at:

Here are the release notes:

fetchmail-6.2.2 (Fri Feb 28 21:34:26 EST 2003), 22345 lines:

* Sunil Shetye's patch to improve behavior in empty messages.
* Conform to RFC2595; reissue capability probes after successful 
  STARTTLS negotiation.
* Sunil's patch to make handling of failed STARTTLS more graceful.
* Sunil's JF2 fix patch for .fetchmailrc security fix.
* Christophe GIAUME <christophe at giaume.com> finished the implementation
  of RFC2177 IDLE.
* Jason Tishler's fix patch for Cygwin.
* Support ssh-style authentication in POP3

There are 554 people on fetchmail-friends and 727 on fetchmail-announce.

Cleanup and bugfix release.  Matthias Andree is going to try to do some 
audacious things with the build system next.

By popular demand, diffs from the previous release have been omitted.
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