Subject: [ILUG-BOM] Can an Open-Source Database

Hanisha Vaswani hanishav@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Mar 13 17:18:45 IST 2003

Manish Jethani wrote:

>Make that Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle (in that order).

well, I did not choose the order in the headline. This
article appeared in Fortune (,15704,431733,00.html
) , and i fwded it to the list as is. 

> Oracle is still the leader, as per the latest IDC 
> report, with 39.4 percent market share.

That it is. agreed. But it'd be interesting to know
what steps oracle and its ilk are taking to keep a
step ahead of such 'competition'. 

I mean, does oracle even consider MySQl and PostGreSQL
as competition even though the MySQL CEO claims tht
MySQL has 20% marketshare?

- hanisha

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