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It is not always easy to stick to only free software for websites. For all
we know, the server they use to host the site may be a commercial server
which runs iis or something.

Also, the site is probably designed by commercial design firms, who may not
have the ability to do it under free software systems. I doubt if any
corporate will take a decision of changing their server and website design
firms just because they work on proprietory software. In most cases, the
users do not know the difference anyway.

What is more important is whether the design of the website supports
non-propertory browsers like mozila, konquor, etc. If being a Linux
magazine, it runs a website that only supports IE, then we all have a reason
to fry (not just flame) them, otherwise, I dont think it is important


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> Atleast they have started something, that in the long run, will serve
> the GNU/Free software community well. In a separate mail, they have also
> mentioned that they are working on getting 100% GNU-based, which is
> definitely a commitment to change.
> I think we should show our maturity and cut them some slack, without
> being judgemental at the first opportunity. Bringing them down will only
> work against us.
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> funny... various sections of their site run on proprietry s/w and they
> want to show us their committment to free s/w.
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