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Harsh R Busa harsh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Mar 15 10:30:48 IST 2003

i support the idea so much that i ask every bookstall fellow for the mag
to create awareness. i believe if ppl dont subscribe and rather buy off
the stands it will create more awareness amongst the distributors. 
also appreciate their efforts to change but i see it happening a little
too slow. 

i just want ppl to press upon lfu guys to atleast migrate their lfu
based interfaces to free s/w if they really mean what they are doing.
even if 50 ppl send mails to them they will do it sooner. 

about compliance gnu/linux based browsers. try subscribing to the mag
from gnu/linux based browsers. you will get stuck at several places.
(the payment gateway is rh based but lfu subscription system is
proprietry s/w based) 

till recently the site had pop ups which said messages like "You are not
using IE and we have designed this site for IE".

if u look at the LUG section again is in closed src thing. this is
something that can be done in matter of a couple of hrs on gnu/linux is
in asp. this only show how theory of inertia is acting upon them :-)

yes on a positive note we can say that winds of changes are already
blowing and thats cool :-)


On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 07:32, Saswata Banerjee & Associates wrote:
> It is not always easy to stick to only free software for websites. For all
> we know, the server they use to host the site may be a commercial server
> which runs iis or something.
> Also, the site is probably designed by commercial design firms, who may not
> have the ability to do it under free software systems. I doubt if any
> corporate will take a decision of changing their server and website design
> firms just because they work on proprietory software. In most cases, the
> users do not know the difference anyway.
> What is more important is whether the design of the website supports
> non-propertory browsers like mozila, konquor, etc. If being a Linux
> magazine, it runs a website that only supports IE, then we all have a reason
> to fry (not just flame) them, otherwise, I dont think it is important
> enough.
> Regards
> Saswata
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> > Atleast they have started something, that in the long run, will serve
> > the GNU/Free software community well. In a separate mail, they have also
> > mentioned that they are working on getting 100% GNU-based, which is
> > definitely a commitment to change.
> >
> > I think we should show our maturity and cut them some slack, without
> > being judgemental at the first opportunity. Bringing them down will only
> > work against us.
> >
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> > Clinton Goveas
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> > funny... various sections of their site run on proprietry s/w and they
> > want to show us their committment to free s/w.
> >
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