[ILUG-BOM] PHP help needed

Manish Jethani manish.jethani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Mar 31 15:47:38 IST 2003

Deepali Naik wrote:

>    we r using JavaScript and PHP together... we are facing a problem in passing JS variable to PHP.



> On selecting from a drop down menu (HTML), we select a particular value. Now we want, according to this value, the related values thaty are there in the data base shld be shown in another textbox.
> (FOr ex. like in Hotmail registereation, on choosing the country, corresponding states are dispalyed, in a drop down menu. If these states are stored in the table, how do we access it???)

In onSelect (or whatever the hell) event, you have to reload the 
page using document.reload() (or whatever the hell) with the 
extra parameter.  Check for this parameter in your PHP and 
return the results accordingly.

You're probably learning how to build web apps.  Good going. 
Learn the concepts; that's more important than learning XYZ 
technology (like PHP, JavaScript).

DON'T ask for PHP help on this list.  This is NOT a PHP list. 
This is a GNU/Linux list.  Next time, no one is going to help 
(and they'll spam you to death).


disclaimer: "The statements and opinions expressed here are my 
own and do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation."

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