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On Wednesday 02 April 2003 22:15, Sheetal Chopra used the keyboard to enter 
the following:
> I am now using an IBM ThinkPad A31p, with a partitioned hdd, with XP
> professional 'up front' on 20 GB, and  40GB saved for Linux.

	Please use a little more descriptive subject, thanks.
	Access to control panel -> Administrative tools -> computer management -> 
disk management and give us detailed description of your HDD partitions. 
Which are the primary/secondary/logical size of each partition.

> What about Mandrake 9.1 or a different distro  (SuSE? Debian?] ?    I
> don't really want to spend money on those that don't work.

	If you are using GNU/Linux (Linux is the wrong name use GNU/Linux instead). 
My sincer sugesstion to you is to stick with RedHat Linux 8.0 which is good a 
stable and maximum number of people will be able to help you, later you may 
shift to a distribution like Debian.

> I also tried RedHat 8.00., but the dual boot didn't work, then XP

	Be prepared to spend time with GNU/LInux, it is great to learn things 
yourself, sooner or later you will enjoy the hacking GNU/Linux youself. We 
can only help you in learning to hack and not help you hack specific things. 
Just trust any one distribution and install it. Suggestion again is to stick 
to RedHat Linux 8.0.

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