[ILUG-BOM] Issues with Linksys wireless LAN card

Nikhil D. Kikkeri nikhil23@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Apr 3 07:40:10 IST 2003

Hi all--

I run Mandrake 9.0 on my laptop.I have a linksys WPC 11 wireless (802.11b) 
card which i would like to make use of while working on Linux.

I got the driver from Linksys and configured it such that I use pcmcia_cs 
instead of kernel PCMCIA code.the driver was compiled and successfully 

i opened the wlan-ng.opts file to insert the SSID of the network which in my 
case is (SMU1911).The campus network uses DHCP.

However modifing the file and restarting pcmcia did not help.

I know for sure the device is installed because cardctl ident shows the 
device name correctly.Also when I try to connect from the Mandrake Control 
center I can see that although bytes are being received, no bytes  are being 

Is there anything that i failed to tweak.what else do i need to have a look 
at and modify?



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