[ILUG-BOM] April GLUG meet venue?

Kapil Karekar kapil_karekar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Apr 3 23:44:51 IST 2003

Hi comrades :D

I sincerely think that we should not shuffle around the venue for the monthly 
GLUG meet. This causes a lot of confusion ... to a lot of people. 

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) at Mankhurd is a good venue. 
Among all the venues used for previous meets it has been the best. There we 
have a good airconditioned lecture hall (Summer hai bhai ;-) ...), a 
projector and a PC available. 

There is no need to shuffle around the venue. If everybody agrees then I'll 
put up the notification on the GLUG website.

let's not flood the list with one-liners saying "I agree". If anybody has any 
objection to the GLUG meet being held at HBCSE then we can discuss it like 
sensible adults :))

Happy Hacking,
Kapil Karekar

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