[ILUG-BOM] April GLUG meet venue?

Kapil Karekar kapil_karekar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 4 10:48:30 IST 2003

On Friday 04 April 2003 07:47, Amish Munshi wrote:

> On Thursday 03 April 2003 23:40, Kapil Karekar used the keyboard to enter
> the following:
> > Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) at Mankhurd is a good
> > venue. Among all the venues used for previous meets it has been the best.
> > There we have a good airconditioned lecture hall (Summer hai bhai ;-)
> > ...), a projector and a PC available.
> 	It is too far away from most of the people living in mumbai. I would like
> to have it somewhere like Dadar, Sion, Bandra triangle. It is convient for
> all to travel to middle of town rather than a far away place.

I live in Borivali and I don't think that HBCSE is a far away place. We have 
tried "middle of town" venues in the past and I haven't found any venue as 
comfortable as HBCSE. I can't understand why we want to make people search 
for the new venue address every month :-?

> 	I dont think that a same organization will like to provide a venue every
> month. I had taken polls earlier and many suggested that powai (it was for
> that time) and andheri were favourite location.

Why do you think so? HBCSE is willing to provide the meeting hall, projector 
and PC every month. 

SIES does not have a LCD projector. Lets give the speakers whatever facilities 
we can.  

> 	Absolutely no problems, I do not mind coming to HBCSE once in a while, but
> not every month. I do understand your concerns but I will like to go with
> majority, can you setup a poll for locations again on the GLUG site?

We can definitely have a poll for the May LUG meet. However I don't think we 
should have a poll for the April meet just 9 days before the meet.

OK we will have this meet at HBCSE and the next meet as per the poll which 
will be conducted immediately after this meet. fine ? :)

Kapil Karekar

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