[ILUG-BOM] Too much policing here....

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Sun Apr 6 21:52:56 IST 2003

Hello luggers...

 hello philip, sameer and a warm welcome to the others too.

 Please don't bash anyone with an obscene mail like the one you did sameer. I understand the eagerness to keep the list guidelines implemented as ever. But  i think this is just too stifling and after all what the person is doing; apart from trying to help out some gnu/linux professionals.

 I have been part of ilug-bom for a bloody long time. Please don't push this too much or we will have a lot of people leaving post getting stifled out here. 

 I support Quasi on SOME of his viewpoints. Please i SUGGEST don't push this too far. We want to let people make mistakes and let them make it again......after all once corrected he/she will have a chance to rectify the wrong doing.

 Have a nice day all.

 PN: Mr Joshi, we will try to be more open in the future to posts which don't meet the glug's guidelines. Please go ahead and continue your interaction on this list albiet in line with the posting rules.



Quoting Ravindra Jaju <jaju at it.iitb.ac.in>:

> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 01:22:27AM +0530, Mahesh Joshi wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > We are looking for Experienced Linux Professionals,with hands on Experience
> in Installation of Servers like mail servers,in Mumbai and Goa, on assignment
> basis.
> > Interested Linux professionals kindly contact us with CV at
> mjoshi at shreyaninfotech.com.
> Hello.
> I have no experience in systems and programming. But I am interested in
> learning.
> I think your company will provide a very good learning experience to me so
> that,
> finally, when I can set up my own company, I'll have good experience.
> I joined this list because everyone told me to join it if I am looking for
> jobs.
> Please consider me for the job. I'll be very happy to take it up. Also,
> please
> ensure that I get atleast Rs. 30,000 per month after taxes so that I can
> support
> myself and my family.
> Thanking you,
> Yours sincerely,
> Ravindra Jaju
> PS: I don't have any CV yet. I hope to get something good on it after a stint
> at
> your esteemed company.
> PPS: When did you join this list? Did you ever read the guidelines? Do you
> follow
> any mails/threads here so that you know what is going on? Or is it only
> another of
> those places which you need to spam to get good people for your company? Do
> you
> know that, inspite of writing a polite mail, you have been really rude by
> completely
> disregarding the rules of posting on this (and other similar) mailing lists?
> Sorry for being so sarcastic, but *atleast* put a [COMMERCIAL] tag in the
> subject,
> and preferably a good subject line too! That's not asking for too much.
> Thanks!
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