[ILUG-BOM] Re: Kazaa-Wine

Vikram Rangnekar vicky@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Apr 22 09:58:43 IST 2003

I just installed gift its pretty good I had used qtella before which seems to
have more features but if you are gnome guy then you have to end up
installing all those kde libs. i didnt want to do that so i guess gift is for
me. It even has a really nice curses interface

+++ Sthitaprajna [22/04/03 02:54 -0000]:
> Rahul Saxena <rahul.saxena at SoftHome.net> said:
> > Not very sure.. but i saw a kazaa icon on a linux desktop on the latest 
> wine 
> > download screenshot :-)
> > 
> Check the Wine Mailing lists.....there was a long therad not long back 
> about kazaa+wine...
> Also, check out giFT for Linux...http://gift.sf.net
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