[ILUG-BOM] qmail bandwidth concurrencyremote

ranjeet at antispam ranjeet@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Apr 22 20:01:51 IST 2003

> sorry if it comes in wrong mail group, but i browsed through most mail
> groups couldnt find the solution.

did u check the man pages of qmail for concurrencyremote? and archives of
qmail mailing list ?

> what will be the max mail size, on 56k dialup connection, and
> concurrencyremote value.

anyways ...
Concurrencyremote value by default is set to 20 which u can increase upto
254. Above than this u'll need to recompile qmail with edited src codes

I did not get the question right about "max mail size on 56 Kbps dialup
connection" ... u can have any size mail if ur 56K dialup is staying
online for hrs ...
will be able to ans this if u can elaborate ...


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