[ILUG-BOM] Ready to Rock: Kernel 2.6 [LINUX JOURNAL * May 2003]

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Apr 24 16:21:57 IST 2003

	CAN [GNU]LINUX do for music what it did for server
	applications? Ask Dave Phillips. His 
	linux-sound.org website is a resource for everything
	from hard-disk recorders to music notation editors. 
	This issue offers a preview of the 2.6 kernel and
	the audio excellence of Linux....


o Football manager http://www.autismuk.freeserve.co.uk
  Graphics are crude; but the game is a lot of fun.

o Magic notebook: http://www.joanthanscorner.com/etc/magic_notebook
  Keep notes using a web interface.

o Server status: http://www.the-den.org/status
  Keep an eye on servers. Needs X, but clean, fast, simple.

o Pebrot: http://pebrot.sourceforge.net
  Python version of MSN Messengers, runs without X.

o GNU Pilot Logbook Pro
  Professional logbook for pilots will all entries you need.

o Hardware Lister http://ezix.sourceforge.net/software/lshw.html
  IRQ, module used and more for cards and hardware.


o Ericsson releases source code for its Telecom
  Inter-Process Communication under the GNU GPL.

o Japan to spend $8.3 million on open-source development
  for Linux development for consumer electronic goods.
  Also $416,000 to switch Japanese government
  computers over to free software.


o Introducing Plone, a simple content management solution
  that allows all readers to read publicly available
  content, and those given permissions to publish their
  content to the general public.

o Writing stackable filestystems: Now you can add a
  feature to your favourite filesystem without
  rewriting it.

o Battles inside the computer

o Using Firewall Builder, Part I: use one easy GUI
  to build and deploy policies for all your firewalls
  and servers.

o TECH TIP: A simple script to search a collection of
  RPM packages for a specific file...

o Advanced memory allocation 

o INTRODUCING THE 2.6 KERNEL: scheduler and audio
  improvements are only two of the features you'll
  notice when the 2.5 development series becomes 2.6.
  Other important features include O(1) scheduler /
  preemptive kernel / latency improvements / 
  redesigned block layer / improved VM subsystem / 
  improved threading support / new sound layer.

o Starting with the 2.5 series, it's simpler and
  faster to customize your kernel or add a driver.

o Kernel mode Linux: Now you don't have to write a
  module to run a program in kernel space. Run any
  program there with this patch.

o Reiser4, Part II: Designing trees that cache well.

o SOUND SOFTWARE to turn your GNU/Linux box into
  a synthesizer studio:
  GPL  		amSynth Great analog synth emulation
  Proprietary	Elara
  Proprietary 	UltramasterJuno6
  GPL		Bristol
  GPL		LegaSynth Emulates DX7 and some chips
  GPL		ALSA Modular
  GPL		SpiralSynth Modular
  Proprietary	RTSynth
  Proprietary	JSyn Varied synthesis methods, excel sound
  GPL	 	ZynAddSubFX
  GPL		Cumulus Unique real-time granular synthesis
  GPL		gAlan Interesting 'module processing' env
  GPL		jMax LADSPA support planned
  BSD-ish	Pd Rich syntehsis, OpenGL, VST/LADSPA,JACK
  GPL		Freebirth Bass synth, sample sequencer
  Proprietary   UltramasterRS101 Like Freebirth but more
  GPL		iisusynth
  GPL 		RX/Saturno

o Learning regular expressions. For precision of text
  manipulation and description, it's hard to beat
  the power of regexps.

o DOING GOOD AND PREVENTING BAD: If you didn't know about
  Linux Journal publisher Phil Hughes and his
  background in a nuke plant and as a anti-nuclear
  protester, Costa Rica's renewable source-produced
  energy, and the link between such issues... check
  this out! 


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