[ILUG-BOM] How to join?

rohitash panda prohit99@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 25 15:29:32 IST 2003

hi rahul,
        i saw your mail on the group and so i got your mail ID.Iam 
interested in joining your company.Are there any specific 
vacancies which need to be filled in.I went to your site and found 
out that i could satisfy the skill set your company is looking 
for.If you need , i can also send you my resume.iam asking for a 
favour,can you just forward my resume in your company.I have 
around 3+ years of experience and my latest project has been on 

Do reply what you think.


Life is a sexually transmitted disease.
Unix is like a wigwam -- no Gates, no Windows, and an Apache 
inside.Unix is very user-friendly.  It`s just picky who its 
friends are.

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