[ILUG-BOM] Re: Suggestions for a Notebook

Vikram Rangnekar vicky@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Apr 26 11:30:36 IST 2003

+++ Sthitaprajna [26/04/03 09:03 +0530]:
> Hi
> I am looking to buy a notebook(my first one) and am sort of confused. The sort
> of specs I am looking at are (for a minimum):
> 1. 1.7 GHz Celeron
> 2. 256M RAM(expandable to quite a lot)
> 3. Some sort of 4x agp
> 4. 30G hdd
> 5. Internal combo cd/dvd/writer
> 6. Should be decently compatible with *nix...I will be on a LAN, so modem
> support is not really important, though it would be a plus if it were
> supported.
> My budget would be something around $1200...
> Can listers suggest a few models/makes that have decent support in India? and
> any other points that i need to be aware of before buying?
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DELL INSPIRON 8200 might go a bit above your bedget but its a great notebook
and works well with linux. I am running gentoo on it have nvidia working
properly , a USB mouse working properly and also 802.11 PCMCIA wirless
ethernet working great. It works great with Redhat and even FreeBSD I've
personally all these on it. 
i'm also not sure how u'll be able to fit a dvd writer into that budget they
are still quite expensive in India 

i wouldnt suggest ibm notebooks because they a lot let features for a lot
more money. also simple things like my dell had a track pad and a joystick
the ibm laptops dont have the trackpads 

Vikram (http://www.vicramresearch.com)

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