[ILUG-BOM] [OT]Suggestions for a Notebook

Nikhil D. Kikkeri nikhil23@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Apr 27 12:53:08 IST 2003


The Dell Inspiron and Toshiba Satellite (which I own) are good buys for that 
price.I dont know about the availability of both those though back in 
India.Dell sells laptops here in the US only thru their website.

they have good support for Linux.I have Mdk 9.0 running on my Toshiba 
Satellite 1400-S105 (1.2GHz celeron,256 megs ram, 30gb hdd, Intel EEpro 
ethernet card,CyberAlladin-T video accelerator card).The internal modem 
doesnt work on Linux.but i have no issues otherwise.

also you might want to think about the Apple I-book, the entry level ones 
are sub 1000$.how about installing Linux PPC?


>I am looking to buy a notebook(my first one) and am sort of confused. The 

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