[ILUG-BOM] help in file system implementation..

Sthitaprajna sp.jena@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Apr 27 14:40:06 IST 2003


>    here i m again...  i m in the final year of MCA doing my summer
training... in the last sem we have to present one topic in the college.. we
have to do a seminaar also.. i have got a topic as file systems and i ahve to
implement a simplest simple file system on linux... i don;t have any idea ..
how to start... from where to start.. shd i start with the file system
liabraries to access file systems...  and then how to design the File system
?.. plz help me..
> thanx in advance..

Check out
ttso's ext2 stuff..

Other link roots:

Daniel Robbins(Gentoo/IBM) has some nice stuff on FS..
and http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/articles.xml

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