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> sir

there are no sirs...please refer to everyone on the list on an equal footing.

> I recently installed linux 8.0
> But facing some problems:
> 1.  Unable to detect modem

Please specify details of the modem...model/make/internal/external...

> 2.  Unable to access data of windows from linux and vice-versa

Assuming you have a windows "C drive", create a link cdrive as in mkdir
then Edit /etc/fstab...(read the fstab and mount manpages)
create an entry in /etc/fstab with your4 fav editor
/dev/hda1 /mnt/cdrive vfat user,exec,umask=0 0 0
Check whether your windows "cdrive" is really on /dev/hda1

> 3.  Where to do programming unable to find editor etc.

Lots of 'em...try
vi/emacs/jed/nano/pico/xemacs/scite/xedit/kwriter/gedit....look in the CDs for
these or soem similar sounding packages

> 4.  where are files of linux source code stored as it as open
> source
>       software

cd /usr/src/linux...
If you want the src of the packages, try

> 5.  Linux automatically boots after 7 seconds. Can this setting be
> changed

Check which bootloader yuo are using....for lilo, check /etc/lilo.conf and for
grub, try  editing it from the boot menu

REad the redhat manual from their website....

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