[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat v/s. Linux Red Hat [was:linux]

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Mon Apr 28 09:28:07 IST 2003

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> Manish,
> If you didnt knew that you cannot call RedHat Linux, unless you 
> buy a box pack from RH reseller channel. So the download version 
> has to be named anything other then RH linux, so i feel if 
> someone says Linux 8.0, he must have got that printed on the 
> Downloaded CD which he must have bought.

You could have a point there. On the following link you would find that
there are different binary packages available for download but mentioned
in a way which I found a bit unusual. For example, it says,
RedHat 8 RPM i386 packages: GTK version (about 4,660,000 bytes)
Linux RedHat 8: GTK version (about 3,532,000 bytes)

Both are different packages with different package size.Now what is the
difference intended by saying "RedHat 8 RPM" packages and "Linux RedHat 8"
packages? For instance, I am using RedHat Linux 8 (downloadable version -
Not a Box pack), which package should I download? I couldn't make out.The
same is the case with Debian packages also. (Debian 3 & Linux Debian 3).
Let me admit that I was not able to search further on the website on this
issue due to time constraints.But anybody aware on this, please enlighten. 

The link is as under,



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