[ILUG-BOM] PCQuest Linux 8.0

Rahul Chaudhary jawanrc@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu May 1 15:13:04 IST 2003

This problem is because RH8  does not support Nvidia chipset. RH9 has
added the support for A7N226VM.
Well although I haven't tried it, but RH9's release notes claims that. I
still have to download RH9 from the net. I'll do that in last week of
may when I'm free. We have 1mbps net connection in office. Till then you
can try RH9 if you have access to it.

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Royce & Sharal Pereira wrote:

>Yesterday I tried installing  PCQuest Linux 8.0 on my new Athlon XP
>system, with A7N266VM Asus mobo.(Thanks to some of you who advised me
to use
>Athlon over Celeron!).
Get Knoppix 3.1 dear!





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