[ILUG-BOM] [joke] [OT] Our market share is falling...

Manish Jethani manish.jethani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue May 13 00:07:42 IST 2003

(Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely
coincidental :-) )

Bill: Our market share is falling, what can we do?

Ballmer: [Sweating]Improve our products?[Still Sweating]

Bill: Don't be ridiculous, if Windows was secure then we
wouldn't be able to charge for bug fixes, [not that our software
is buggy of course]

Ballmer: [Shirt now navy blue]We could take the old
standby[Shirt now very dark navy blue]

Bill: Aha - [to voice activated Windows box]Bring in the
lawyers![Windows BSODs] [To voice activated Linux box] Bring in
the lawyers!

[Lawyers arrive]

Bill: I want Linux to be made illegal

Ballmer: [Shirt now dissolving in acidic sweat] Developers!
Developers! Developers!

Bill: Not now Steve!

Lawyers: This will cost you Bill, bribery is very expensive
these days.

Bill: Nah! - I ran an audit check on the US govt. they haven't
complied with the MS Windows Server 2003 EULA clause 0203432448
(You hereby agree that All your base are belong to MS)

Lawyers: It shall be done oh fabulously wealthy one!

[US Govt. declares Finland a terrorist state, wages violent war,
Linus Torvolds writes a quick kernel update then goes into
hiding] ... to be continued.

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