[ILUG-BOM] Linux-On-CD service

Royce & Sharal Pereira bethell@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu May 15 19:14:07 IST 2003

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From: "Clinton Goveas" <clinton at clintongoveas.com>

> Royce (bethell at eth.net),
> I hope this mail gets through to you Royce, as I have tried 5 times to
> send you mail (twice through this list), but all attempts
Sorry, there seems to be some problems with my ISP server...it held up my
outgoing mail for 48 hrs days & then sent them! Hence the 3 repeat mails
(sorry), as I was wondering where my sent mail dissappeared.

Same thing with my incoming mail...thats why I got my mail delivered after
48 hrs! Sorry, list, hope its sorted now.

Thanks to Clinton for his reply.


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