[ILUG-BOM] Confusion... Internet Speeds.

Hrushikesh Tilak hg_tilak@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue May 13 09:54:14 IST 2003


I am confused about internet speeds and download speeds.

I guess (please correct) a 56 KBPs modem allows a maximum inflow(&outflow!) 
of 56 KiloBits ps of data between 2 computers.
But still most(or all?) ISPs in Mumbai offer download speeds(the thing that 
u see in the browser downloader or a download manager) is only 5KBPs.

So when we here about Broadband Internet of 1MBPs or 128 KBPs...what are the 
actual download speeds?

Why dont all the people refer to actual download speeds rather than the max 
transfer speeds while referring to their connection?

Please Help!

Thanking in advance,
Hrushikesh Tilak.

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