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Tue May 13 11:59:35 IST 2003

Dear all,

We are a five year old software company based at India specialised into:

* Network infrastructure setup, management and consultancy and security
  and system integrity.
* Network infrastructure support and managed operations services.
* Web application development and web infrastructure setup.
* Business process design and application design .

We are launching a Product called MANUS (Manager of a Network Unix
Server).It is a Comphrensive software solution 
which allows system administrator to handle the integrated management of
a network of servers across the enterprise
using a single web-based console.

MANUS manages all common network services includes file &
print,email,web proxy services,Usenet News(NNTP),address book
directories(LDAP),and many more.For more information you can visit 

Brief features of Network Monitoring:-
a)Monitor capacity utilisation of key resources eg.lease lines,server
CPU loads etc., and tackle
capacity planning in a scientific manner with quantitative data.
b)Monitor the health of key network resources in real time,and raise
alarms when attributes fall outside
acceptable boundaries,eg.traffic on a leased line crosses 90% of
c)Get daily, weekly and monthly reports,consolidated and pre-user,about
usage of the key services.

Partial List of our well known Clients are as follows:
i)  National Stock Exchange of India Ltd
ii) The National Securities Depository of India Ltd
iii)Mahindra British Telecom Ltd
iv) A Petrochemicals major in the Private sector
v)  Zodiac group of Garments exporters
vi) Homeindia, India's online retailing trend-setter
vii)The Indian Express Newspaper groups
viii) ICICI
ix) S.Kumar's Online Ltd,nation-wide e-commerce venture
x)  Amarchand and Mangaldas and suresh A.Shroff and company,India's most
reputed law firm.

pls find enclosed our company profile along with our vital

Pls reply me for any requirement.


Ajay Sharma.
Starcom Software Pvt Ltd.
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