[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Reducing S/N Ratio on the LUG

Clinton Goveas clinton@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri May 23 20:28:13 IST 2003

To the members of the list,

I am in favour of Kiran Ghag's suggestion of stopping (non-Linux
related) business marketing ads, and "where do you stay" kind of mails.

On the resume front, I propose a separate list could be setup for those
who would like to advertise their Linux skills. Anyone interested in
hiring or partnering with others could subscribe to that list, the
others obviously will not.

I cannot resist making my next point. :P You see people sending their
resumes are not "pathetic", they are in an unfortunate position in their
life, and granted, do not take the time to study the rules. Also, if
they send DOC files, then it seems they are the ones who are up-to-date,
since they know about OpenOffice.org, KOffice, etc. being available for
Linux. Sending a DOC file just avoids re-creating a document in another
strange format, and I think that is a "smart" thing.


Clinton Goveas

DistantHost.com Free Hosting Founder's Circle

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