[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat Linux 9 booting problem

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Fri Jun 20 11:14:41 IST 2003

Dear Pankaj,

My system developed exactly the same problem when I installed Redhat 9.0.
The LoadModule fails for various modules. When I further analyzed the
problem, I realized that the files containing these modules were getting
erased. Then, it hit me: The filesystem was corrupted. This was further
evident when I went into the directories containing the X Windows Files-
doing a grep there elicited I/O errors. I tried replacing them, but it
didn't work. And no, an fsck didn't help either.

All this inspite of the fact that I was using a _very_ new hardisk. I dont
think its the harddisk (it'd better not be- there are some vendor necks
that might get badly wrung if it is so)

I have been using Redhat Distros right frm 6.x. But none of them have
given me such probs.

How old is your hard-disk?

Anyway, for the present, if you want to proceed with your trial, use
Redhat 8.0 instead of 9.0, and see what happens. The Debian distros seem
to be better, but since you guys might end up using Linux for commercial
purposes (as opposed to hobby purposes,) I'd suggest you carry on with
Redhat (though admittedly, there might be an issue with RH 9.0). In the
meanwhile, I'll fish around and get in touch with other users on this and
other GLUGs, and on IRC hangouts, and see if any folks have this kind of a
prob. If yes, I'll package an error report and send it to out.

Other Gluggers- any comments? Have I missed out something in my line of

And yes- anybody with screwed up file systems on RH 9.0?


-----------In respo to--------------------------

Dear Sir,
We are using Red Hat Linux version 9.0 personnel edition.
We have installed Custom-Everything on one of our PC on trial.
After every say two-three days, we have the following stated problem.
Only Re-Installing Linux 9 finds the solution to us. It do not upgrade as

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