[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat Linux 9 booting problem (why redhat for commercial)

kaze at antispam kaze@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 20 15:17:30 IST 2003


>> Redhat 8.0 instead of 9.0, and see what happens. The Debian distros seem
>> to be better, but since you guys might end up using Linux for commercial
>> purposes (as opposed to hobby purposes,) I'd suggest you carry on with
> What's wrong with using Debian for 'commerical' purposes?

Does Debian provide paid support? Not to my knowledge- somebody correct me
if I am wrong.

1) In a commercial setting, you often need support on an immediate basis.
With a non-commercial distro like Debian, this support is often good (have
heard of correct replies coming in within 5 minutes), but not guaranteed.
Sometimes it may come in minutes, sometimes in weeks. Besides, the replies
may not always be given by a guy who knows what he is talking about.

However, Redhat is a large company (by Linux standards) which has
established itself quite well. When you pay it for support (which ofcourse
would be valid only for their distro), I have heard that you get pretty
good support, in a time-bound manner. The replies are given by
systematically trained staff. You might point out some exceptions, like
instances when an IRC room yielded a correct respo much, much, faster than
Redhat, but these are just exceptions- on an average, you have a better,
more stable deal with paid support.

2)This one is dirty and political, but its a fact of life:
When something goes wrong in a commercial setting, you gotta find out who
is at fault.
True, with any Linux Distro, when the system bombs and the management
catches hold of you as the sys ad, you cant pin the blame on the software.
However, if you have paid support with a distro like say Redhat, then you
can redirect _some_ of the blame :-)

Remember guys, we are talking about hard commerce, where accountability
and responsibility are key words.

I am aware that I may be starting off a major war. But I wanna say that
opinions differ, so just use whatever suits your needs AND your
circumstances. Period.
And no...I ain't in Redhat's pay :-)


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