[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat Linux 9 booting problem (why redhat for commercial)

kaze at antispam kaze@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 20 16:17:01 IST 2003


>> Does Debian provide paid support? Not to my knowledge- somebody
>> correct me if I am wrong.
> Debian doesn't need to.  There are other companies that provide paid
> support.  Hire one of them.  Of course, there is the question of why
> you'd ever need support with Debian ;)

Ok- I didn't know that. If other companies do provide paid support, then I
guess it should be fine to have a Debian handling your moolah.

Ofcourse, there is still the question of Enterprise Linux, which is tuned
for high performance, and there are claims abt Redhat Enterprise Linux
being the best in the industry (dunno if its true). Wonder whether there
exist Enterprise versions of Debian which can run on specialized hardware
and yield high performance? Also, vendors such as Oracle, VERITAS, BEA,
CA, and IBM certify their products to run properly on Enterprise versions,
and such testing and certification is very important in business. Such
assurances are available with Redhat, but I am not aware if the same is
true with Debian...wanted to know.


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