[ILUG-BOM] kernel panic

sameer shinde s2sameer@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jun 21 17:56:20 IST 2003

> > In one sys. I installed linux but b'coz of some reasons I changed > the 
>HDD with other sys. Now when I tried to boot from that m/c Iget > the 
>message saying that kernel panic
>What do you mean when you say you changed the HDD to other system?

I installed linux in one sys...
but my keyboard & mouse started geting hanged
as soon as my X server starts...
so I decided to change the sys & I took out the
HDD from one sys & put into another sys
but now I started getting the message
saying the kernel panic...

>you put the HDD on which GNU/Linux was installed into a different system? 
>In that case, the most likely problem is that you are using a different IDE 
>port in this new system. Make sure you put it in the same port, ie primary 
>or secondary ... then it should boot correctly.
> > So how to overcome of the problem. I tried to boot from CD & to do > 
>some R&D but of no use...
>What R&D did you do? Did you boot into rescue mode on the CD and try 
>looking at your HDD partitions?

I tried to boot from the rescue mode & to
configure X but I was not able to do so.
So I was trying to change the runlevel
but I was not able to do so
Then I desided to change the sys & then the above
problem occurs...

Thanks & Regards,

P.S. I wasn't knowing why the keyboard & mouse was hanging. in X

Smile a little. Enjoy the summer with Joggers' Park! 

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