[ILUG-BOM] Help me in uninstalling RPMS in red hat 8.0

Satya satyap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jun 22 02:51:21 IST 2003

On Jun 21, 2003 at 11:38, qa zx wrote:

>GLUG Meeting on 13th July, 4pm at KReSIT, IIT Campusm, Powai.

No one else clips that out of their replies. Why should I?

>So what  should i mention that will uninstall squid

Mentioning doesn't work. Hinting doesn't work. Try giving a command.

> is it
>#rpm -e squid.2.1.4.rpm

That might do it. You could also try rpm -qi squid and find out the
name of the package.

>and what about XMMS not working in red hat 8.0,

If it was Debian, I'd say apt-cache search esd, and then apt-get
install the appropriate package. On RH, you might try rpm -q esd. But
of course everything depends on the definition of "not working". Maybe
you need to install xmms.

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