[ILUG-BOM] nspluginviewer does not work for particular user

Amish Mehta amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jul 4 20:10:22 IST 2003

Hello All,

I have some strange problem arising from no where since last
3-4 days. I have 3 users on my machine, amish, deepak and root.
I am trying to run a realplayer song locally as well as through
apache. I try these 2 commands.

1) konqueror /home/amish/public_html/songs/myfavsong.ram
2) konqueror

Both worked fine and played the song earlier(before 3-4days).
However, since 3-4days, if I login as user 'amish', I can not
run the song using second command and konqueror hangs. Then I
have to kill nspluginviewer so that konqueror starts working
(it still doesnt play the song). No sooner I kill nspluginviewer
I get following error on terminal.

DCOP aborting call from 'konqueror-<pid>' to 'nspluginviewer-<pid>'

Both the commands still work if run as root or deepak, first command
works for all. As far as I remember I have not made any changes to
system. So I dont know whats going wrong. Mostly its nspluginviewer
or some problem with something related to DCOP or some configuration.
But I dont know what. Or can it be some konqueror security related to
local browsing and web browsing, like in IE? But where are such options?

I would be thankful if someone has solution. Thank you.


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