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q u a s i quasiabhi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Sep 23 10:44:14 IST 2003

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Clinton Goveas spake thusly:

> Clinton: Why do you think we should not encourage people who come
> here and only post commercials? Please explain.

I assume (perhaps, incorrectly) that this list is a list for
enthusiasts who share a love for the GNU/Linux OS and would like to
help other who aspire to use it.  It is a place of exchange of
information and, sometimes, wisdom.  I would hate for it to be tainted
with stupid commercials in large quantities.  Again I clarify, I feel
it is OK if people who are genuine member to sell stuff sometimes, but
am against people who come here *only* for that purpose.

> Bhushan Kelshikar wrote:
>  > i second that. let this list not be just an
>  > advertising ground for guys like akshay
> Clinton: What do you second? quasi asked the moderator(s) to do the
> needful. Are you comfortable seconding an action left to the
> discretion of someone else without even knowing what that action
> will be? :P

I asked the moderators(s) to do the needful knowing not what the
action would be.  Someone else seconded the idea because he saw the
issue in the same light.  We have unbounded faith in our moderators,
it seems... '-)

> Hmmm ... sometimes, the way people make decisions, really surprises
> me. :)

a lot of things in this world are surprising... and it is a good
thing, isnt it?  Else life would be so boring...


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