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Sat Sep 27 23:00:29 IST 2003

On Sat, 27 Sep 2003, Siddhesh Poyarekar spake thusly:

> Next LUG meet: 11 Oct 2003 around 4 pm - VJTI Mech Dept
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Blocking any attachments is fine, but blocking html to favour plain
> text would be like buying a new computer just because your operating
> system doesn't support it. Why can't there be html support into
> procmail, mutt, etc (lynx code could provide a hint)? We're trying
> to get people interested in GNU/Linux, not to tell them "You are
> welcome, but only on our conditions. Don't use html mailing. Don't
> call GNU/Linux as Linux (boy do we have flame fests on that
> one)....".

I dont care if my next door idjut does not use GNU/Linux.  I dont care
if everyone in my building used Windowz.  /I/ am subscribed to his
list and read it.  HTML does not add *anything* to it while increasing
the mail size unnecessarily.  My mail reader can take care of HTML
very easily : either strip it off with one keystroke or display it
using a html renderer.  But I gain absolutely nothing from the html.
These are message exchanges -- of information and maybe sometimes
wisdom.  Text suffices.

> All I heard from the mutt and procmail users here is "change mailing
> list policies for us because our systems don't like them". Why
> doesn't anyone come forward and say "lets start a mini project to
> incorporate html support into procmail/mutt".

you dont get the point.  People /dont/ like HTML.  I dont.  Not in
emails.  I like my usual plain proportional text messages which are
easy on the eye.  My email client can very beautifully colorise them
according to the quoting depth. etc.etc.

> The whole concept of GNU/Linux being a geeks OS only is being
> stressed here by saying "you gotta learn alternate (probably
> dificult for some) ways to express yourself by using your
> imagination. If you're not good enough then Linux is not for
> you.. go to your sucky windows".

damn right.  But where did you get the silly idea that using plain
text is "probably difficult" than using HTML ?  If anything it is

> Ban html messages and lose the initiative on getting newbies into
> the GLUG. Getting warning messages the first time doesn't exactly
> seem to be a welcoming sign for any newbie probably struggling to
> install the OS on his system. Let it remain an elitist group
> then. Made up only of GEEKS.

Interested people will get in no matter how many difficulties -- and I
dont see these as difficulties at all.  And I would rather have 10
interested people than 1000 idiots here.

BTW other mailing lists like BLUG-* also have no HTML policy...


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