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Rakesh Pal palrakesh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 29 12:12:55 IST 2003


Try out QtDesigner, it helps you to design GUI applications as easily as you do it in VB and helps you develop applications of different styles like Mac, DotNET etc. However Qt is just a designer and you need to do some additional programming in Python to completely build your application. 

QtDesigner with Python supports MySQL as well as PGSQL. Please check out the OCT issue of Developers IQ Magazine. It has an article on how to develop applications easily with the help of QtDesigner and Python and the example in the issue is building an application for interaction with MySQL. I think this is exactly what you want. 

I hope this will help.

Rakesh B Pal
CompTIA Linux+ Certified

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DATE: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:13:03
From: "Vidyasagar" <vidyasagarvk at softhome.net>
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>Next LUG meet: 9 Nov 2003 around 4 pm - VJTI
>is there any open source software which works like Visual Basic and supports Mysql as the backend?

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