[ILUG-BOM]Proxy Server Query .

Abhishek Gupta abhi_shek@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 29 15:35:57 IST 2003

Hi there,

 I need to setup a proxy server for my company   are
 more than 10,000 users that will connect with   access
 to the net, I wanted to use a Redhat 7.3 or 8   me
 to use huge amount of RAM something to a tun   wanted
 to know is btw these two which ver to choos   memory?
 I also need to run IPTABLES and a VirusWa   anyone
 suggest weather to use a single server    Virus
 Wall with 16GB of ram or I should use    
 Waiting Eagerly for your Reply.

 Thanking You.

 Abhishek Gupta.


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