[ILUG-BOM]Weird QP encoding message

Sanjog Kotnis sanjog@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 29 15:57:27 IST 2003

I am using Pine as well and face the same problem. It seems all the
mails that are not displayed by Pine, come from Rediff. At end I have
attached the mail and you can see the part that Pine is unable to
display and hence shows the error.


|   [Error: Formatting error: Non-hexadecimal character in QP encoding]
|The Error: line above appears on some messages that come through this
|list. I'm using Pine 4.58. TERM is set to 'linux' I think. Any idea
|what happens?
|Okay, wait. Google says:
|So some people might have a misconfigured email program. One of them
|might be "abhishek  patel", who sent 3 messages to the list and all
|were like that.


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