[ILUG-BOM]Red Hat not booting

Tushar Burman tushar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Oct 30 22:33:57 IST 2003

Boys and girls,

I'm sick of this problem, and haven't found a solution for, uh.. ever.

Here's how it goes: Several of my servers have been compromised by worms
at some point or other. I haven't had the time to do a complete
post-mortem, but most seem to exploit SSH or Apache vulnerabilities.
I've managed to clean up most without a complete reinstall (thank you
apt-get!) but a few, including the most recent, don't seem to want to

Even after cleaning the box up to the point that chkrootkit detects
nothing, the system won't boot. It just stalls at "Setting hostname..."
in the bootup sequence. Google groups shows this as a problem with
several other folks as well, each using Red Hat 7.1/7.2 (mine's 7.2),
but no answers are posted.

Has anyone else had this problem? Exasperated, I usually just reinstall
the damn thing and patch like crazy, but I just don't have the time or
inclination to do this again and again.

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