[ILUG-BOM] fsf?

Sachin Nair lug@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 25 12:31:04 IST 2003

Well I am not sure what you mean by "believe in the _fsf movement_"
... as far as I know, the "movement" is for software freedom, and FSF
is trying to be a central body to support it. There's also the open
source movement. Then there's this huge category of people who simply
don't care about movements, and instead just code and give away their
work because they feel like doing so.


Please correct me if iam wrong in my comment or otherwise,
It was just plain curiosity which dragged me towards linux, later
opensource and still later to free software funda. 

About the movement, from what I've read about it, is it just about
software or is one trying to make a point about the society in general

 I know am still not being exactly articulate, but the whole issue can
be sometimes confusing to a person standing on the pavement wondering
whether to jump in or not! ...read me!!!

While free software might make business sense, the idea propagated by
opensource.org IMHO is not really likely to succeed. 

How many people can make money by releasing the source code? Software
develops faster, true!, software also develops better, true! But does it
make business sense? I've heard about companies cutting costs using
opensource, I know it can be done. But for a software house to succeed
by opening it's own source? :/. Why would any other business house want
to ask the parent company for support when they can have 2 software
geeks inhouse to provide support for the project on their own? Where
does this leave the software house? 

Redhat began the fedora project in the hope that worldwide developers
will have a hand for it to succeed. But what percentage of coders whom
you know, work for pleasure while they need to put food on the table? 

I don't intend to start any holy war which has been fought countless
times already. Am just a guy asking questions... just out of curiosity

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