[ILUG-BOM] fsf?

Sachin Nair lug@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 25 20:24:06 IST 2003

Thnx to sameer for some light on fsf and opensource in general.
But then again particularly for Mr. Dsouza, 
>Does China make a lot of business sense? or IBM, or HP or Trolltech.

No sir, china does not make business sense to me. It has a huge market
but has redtape so mind boggling that the Indian threads seems like just
a few knots. Mindless name throwing does not help matters. Even the
great Enron fell hard!! Every company has it's own way of dealing with
cost cutting measures and dealing with competition. Read .. Microsoft

If you are gong to talk about large corporations then am sorry I was
talking about the SSI unit. My fault, I should have specified. 90% of
the SSI's operate on pirated software. Ideology in these parts, exists
after money! 

>>>FSF is not a bussiness nor are opensource coders interested in the 
success or failure of your business. It is your job to utilise and 
contribute to the resources of freesoftware and make your bussiness a 
success doing so. 

Quoting from http://opensource.org "Open Source Initiative exists to
make this case to the commercial world." unquote. 

>>>>If you do not have the mental horse power to 
understand the complexities of free software (or software for that 
matter) stick to  closed source (while it lasts).

Let's not fight shall we? :) 

>>>>What are you planning a "Nigerian" vapour ware scam. If the above 
reasons do not make sense I wonder what does.

Money makes sense to me. I don't mean money in an ideal world but in the
real world. The very company which was earlier heralded by many for its
contribution to opensource has been later thrashed for its newest
licensing policies. Read REDHAT. 

>>>>google for TCO for linux and you will know why.

Well I have also found copies(hope not) maybe privately funded ) stating
otherwise! :/ 

Iam willing to listen .... 

There is a manufacturing unit specializing in certain mechanical
components of machines. They make extensive use of Tally(accounting) &
AutoCAD. They use pirated copies of software, lack the monetary
horsepower to buy the real thing. Even if they did, they as of now don't
see ay real value in converting when things work just fine. You tell me
how do I convince them to convert? Or why should I ask them to convert? 


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